Pics Of Some Of Your Toys


Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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One Busa, Multiple Harley's, many different H-Ds every spring in fact.



Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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Dude the 460 play truck is off the chain... I want to see a pick under the hood....


I wish i had pics of the motor too! sold it before i took any.was not that pretty anyways,but it worked great blowing through a carb.


Thanks for the comps on my taurus you guys are right it's a 3.4 v8 pushing about 230 hp. Only made from 1996-1999 the 95's and under are supercharged v-6 5-speeds which will suprise you on how they perform. Would love to run a supercharger on mine or possibly a turbo that would be cool. There's only one bad thing about most of v-8 shos is that the cam gears are pressed on the cam without the use of a keyway. If the gear slips on the cam it goodbye engine,so if anyone else out there has one of these make sure you have the cam gear welded if your going to run it hard. sorry so long I just know alot about this car.
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