Pics of my new 148 dollar leather hayabusa jacket


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I'll post up some pics...

But i dont want the same thing to happen the last time I posted pics of myself.

I dont want my mailbox to fill up with perverted comments, and especially no marriage proposals,
not even from the ladies this time.:laugh: (I had no idea there were jailed convicts on the site)

I ordered the jacket off Flea-Bay,shipping was ultra fast. The cost was 148.oo bucks INCLUDING shipping.???
(plus 22 bucks for the Gub'ment at my door)

Actually VERY surprized:

It fits.
It's actually made of leather.:laugh:

...and it fits....and its actually made of leather.


The wrinkles may never come out.These poeple never heard of cardboard.???
(it was stuffed into a plastic bag,pasted with a postage stamp,and dropped in the mail):laugh:

The lettering is sewn on patches.(looked like it was embroidered in the ad) No biggie.

Shots of the jacket...



Here a few shots for The Ladies.

GQ Magazine has expressed some serious interest in this 3rd picture.
They want it for an' upcoming spread titled...

"Sexy Middle-Aged Biker Boyz"



These next 2 shots I'm sending in to the magazine "Popular Mechanics."

There running a new section on the "Do-it-yourself-R"

These pics really showcase my talent. They are a bit technical however.
(let me know if they need explaining)

The show me solving a highly detailed electrical fault finding task.
Unfortunately some flying debris took out my camera lens so I can't show the photo of "The solved electrical issue."

these pictures make my no-no places tingle. Now I have to go to the casual encounters section of my local craigslist to satisfy the craving. lol