Picked up the busa today

Busa Billy

Well, I picked up the Busa today...AWESOME! I will nevert own anything else. There are so mnay wonderful aspects of this bike...I think there is a huge misconception and general narowmindedness in the public about this bike. Everybody just thinks of the speed...How about the following:
smooth throttle response
the level of mirror coverage is unprecedented
I could go on...but you guys already know what I mean. This bike is OUTSTANDING! I cant beleive it, Suzuki has the magical formula.

I picked up the clear tailight lens, they were out of the clear front turn signal lens. Looks pretty good against that Silver color. First thing to come off the bike...reflectors...second thing will be the big mud flap out back, still debating on wether to do it myself with the dremel or buy a kit. Did my ZX6 with a dremel.

Congrats Billy,

I ordered the clear turn signals from ClearAlternatives.com; I called them today and was told the lenses were on back order.  I told the guy that I would be leaving for Bike Week in less than 2-weeks.  He told me that I should have them by then.