Picked up my new toy!


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1000! It's a beast to control. It's gonna take some time to get used to it. It leans SOO EASY. maybe it's simply adjusting to the weight issue. Oh well. Here's some crappy pics from my video cam

Yeah, suckers are about 2 feet length! Full RC [no reverse] and hard as heck to maintane a turn - it starts tank slapping and hits the curb! dang. Comes with training wheels also, but still cool fun! I found them for $50 each, but I'm sure they're cheaper elsewhere. Impulse buy
The chain is fake. It should be a fun toy until it's broken!

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HA!! You had me,, I was starting to get mad that everyone has multiple toys but me...

That's actually really cool. Where did you get it?
believe it or not, DOLLAR GENERAL. I rarely go there but needed some cookeis and it was right there - went in and they had two! Had to have them! $50 each but Wlamart listed them at 30. They are HUGE!

I was impressed. The tires are rubberish, the lights works, even has recorded suzuki sounds - and rides on two wheels under power. The training wheels are for stopping and helping some turns. If you stop, it would fall over, so it needed side rollers so you can start again without running over to it.

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HAHAHAH great pics!  Had me going till I saw the tire. I was also thinking to myself, suzuki made a yeloow thousand???

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