Picked up my new bike today, sort of....long


I went to the dealer to pick up my new 40th Anniversay Model this afternoon after a phone call to them to make sure it was ready. All they had to do was put in the charged battery and fill up the gas tank. I get there and the bike isn't out front yet so I wait...and wait...and wait. Ah, here comes the mechanic bringing it around the front....uh oh...there he goes around back again. I wander around the back and watch him working. He said the oil light was on and wouldn't go off. He checked the pressure and fluid levels and everything was fine, just not sure what was causing the light to stay on. Said he had to call the tech center tomorrow so I call my ride and head home, kind of bummed and relieved at this point. I'll explain that part later.

I'm home for 1/2 hour when I get a call that my bike is ready and they'll be happy to deliver it to my house to save me the inconvenience of getting a ride back. Very nice touch I thought. They delivered the bike right into my garage and went over the all the controls and showed me how everything works. When I asked about the light they explained that the light wouldn't go off till the oil got warm and made it to the sensors. Not sure if I bought that explanation but I was too excited at that point. They leave and now I get to play without embarassing myself.

I've been riding Harleys the last 8 years so I was scared I was going to screw up leaving the dealership. With the bike ensconced in my garage I could take my time getting to know the bike better. You need a heavy hand with the Harley controls like a good tug on the brake lever or full throttle quite a bit. I thought this bike would be over sensitve and I would have a long learning curve sine I haven't ridden sport bikes for over 8 years.

After staring at the bike for a good 5 seconds I couldn't wait any longer and went for my first ride. Wow was I suprised. Didn't fly off the back or the front the whole ride! I did have a few observations. The windscreen works well although at 6'2 the top of the gagues are a little obscured unless I duck down a bit. From 60 the front brake pressure was a lot higher than I expected which is great for me. I couldn't see squat out of the mirrors and couldn't adjust them on the fly. Once the rpms were over 2k the throttle seemed very smooth and not touchy at all. Keeping the rpms under 5k I still didn't need the top 3 gears  he he. The bike looks big but doesn't feel big while riding it. The only concern I had was when I started the bike the oil light came on bright red until I put the bike in gear then it went out and never came on again.

Enough of my rambling. From what I have experienced in a short 7 mile ride I think this baby will keep me entertained for quite some time.
Congratulations on your new ride and welcome to the board!

I’m not sure I buy your dealer’s explanation about the oil light.  Anybody else experience this?  Can any of you gearheads explain this one?

Pics! We want pics!  
Next Ride Try to run it a little hard, to redline though slowly let it com up to red not all the sudden then let the engine brake back down to a stop, then stop & go a few more times 1st gear only with lots of room and no police present as 1st gear does 80 or 85MPH! Be careful but get 20 to 40 miles on her then GET RID OF that OIL & FILTER.

Check out this site NOW!
Congrats and welcome aboard . I also came from a Harley and found the transition very easy. These bikes are so sophisticated compared to the clunky Harleys you will eventually say what took me so long . They are truly the King of the Road and nothing will surpass them. Good Luck and ride safe !
welcome to the board.
Also I would change the oil and filter sooner than suggested and check the filter and oil to make sure it looks fine.
Keep an eye on that light and any further worries I would definately get it documented through your dealer and have the light problem on record so there won't be any confusion in the future.
Good luck.
Congrats on your new ride.  My 40th Anniversary Edition Busa is two weeks old and it too started out with the oil light  problem.  My dealer warned me about it in advance and said it was nothing to worry about.  After the first day and 50 miles or so with some flickering after start up, the problem went away.  Now, of course, the oil light comes on after you turn the key, but goes off after you fire up.
Dude, I would just check and male sure you have the proper amount of oil in the thing. Then Keep on them about the oil light, you could have a bum pump from the factory or something could be really screwed up. Or it could just be a faulting sensor, but whatever it is I would be a little concerned.

Also, there are two schools of thought when it comes to break in. GSXRsilver is talking about one of them. Put your engine under HIGH load Right away, not Blasting it to FWO, but taking it to the rev limiter a few times within the first 20 miles or so. The theory is that Manufacturers Break in periods are pointless because all the breaking in occurs within the first 20-40 miles and your rings set within the first dozen miles or so.

The other school of thought says follow the manufacturers recommended break in schedule. 5500 Limit for 300 miles, 8000 limit to 600 miles, then under 10000 til 1000 or something like that...it's in your manual (which I know you we're reading till the wee hours of the morning right?

Anyway, I tend to feel that Suzuki Engineers prolly have a bit more experiance and a helluva lot more insight into what makes the Busa tick, and what will work better than a stateside mechanic and Dad's advice. BUT!!! I have heard that the Hard fast break in works well, and I can see some logic there. However I pretty much stuck to the recommended break in (sorta).

I agree with GSX1300RSILVER oil wise and would recommend getting that initial oil out after about 60-100 miles. It's going to be full of crud and really needs to get out before 600 miles. Then at initial service change the oil again.
Welcome to the club. You can get several different types of windscreens so that you can see your gauges without tucking. Pyrmid Double bronze, zero gravity double bubble, zero gravity sport touring, etc. Also, look on ebay and you can get mirror spacers that add an inch to each side and makes life a little easier on the road.

Hayabusa has a huge aftermarket of stuff to select from, check the modifications and merchandise boards on this forum for lots of ideas to modify your bike.