Picked up Busa Today !


Well i have been waiting and waiting and just after i sold my R6 on friday was able to go and get a nice 2001 Black/Silver this morning !!!

Had a good ride home relized some of the first things that i need to do

Double Bubble
lose the Stock Cans is toooooo quiet
maybe the TRE while i am at it

only thing strange is when turning slow it seems like it is pushing the bars back the same way your are turning..

and there seems to be a little bit of hesitation when you first give it the throttle

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Congrats on the new bike and Welcome to the board Jace!!

As far as the steering, the bike will feel heavier than your R6 at slow speeds, check the tire pressure too.
For the throttle response, maybe check the throttle cable play and the adjustment on the chain.
Congrats on the new bike finally. The problem with the steering is one that I brought up a while back. A lot of the experts on this site tend to think that it's probably related to front wheel air pressure. I haven't really figured out if that's my problem because the air pressure seems O.K. It seems to have mellowed out some just before I took it down for chroming and what not. Good Luck and Be Safe.

Could have something to do with a slightly squared off tire? I imagine it happens alot on the Busa.
<span style='color:firebrick'>RIDE_OR_FISH</span>do you allways run 42 PSI? I used to frequently vary my PSI based on what kinda riding I was going to be doing. Long and straight max recommended, in the canyons a fair bit less. I was wondering if this isn't recommended on the Busa.
Just food for thought...although 42 psi is reccomended, all the mechanics I've spoken too say it's better to run 38 in the rear and 36 up front, what do you think?

It's not like the Busa is a NEW type of bike or anything, It's just real fast.  The tire pressures you mentioned are similar to what I used to run, but I am still unsure.  Though in all honesty I am pretty darned happy with 42 PSI front and rear for now.  Feels real light on its feet.