Picked up an 08 zx10


I sold the 40th AE a couple months back but I can't stay away from bikes for long. My tastes run back and forth between the litre and big bore. I actually went to check out a B-King but it was sold by the time I got there ($8k new). I had a titanium 05 zx10 that I had alot of fun with so I checked out the shop's 10's and they were selling their last two 08's for $8299 OTD. This is the first time I had seen the plasma blue in person and I dug it.

I've only been able to put 300 miles on it so far and trying to break it in a bit but the bike is a screamer. The brakes and handling are the best I've sampled. The comfort is actually pretty good. Compared to the Busa the seat is the only thing that really stinks. I emailed corbin and I'm waiting for a response. The 08 is a smooth 1000, much smoother than the 05 was; I recall riding home on the 05 from the dealer and thinking the thing was buzzy as hell (compared to the zx12 that preceded it).

The Gen I Busa still remains one of the baddest looking bikes in my eyes and I'm not taking any thing away from it. This bike is going to be some fun though. Aside from a new saddle a pc5 and a full exhaust will follow.

A BKing is still in my future...something about that bike.


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Those 08'ZX10's are no joke. Put a pipe and PC on it and they come alive. I just installed a full Ti Akra system on an all black one. Sounds badass and woke it up comepletely.


Congrats bud. I want to ad a litre bike so bad to my stable. I see one in my future.


I would LOVE to have a ZX 10 !!!! Have fun, and kep us posted on all the fun you'll be having on that monster !!!


I haven't had the chance to ride a 3rd gen yet. Sure would like to. But I love my 1st gen.
Stock for stock it's a much better handler, the braking is almost too good, and it's much smoother. I remember driving my 05 home from the dealer thinking how buzzy it was...but I was coming off a zx12 at the time. Powerwise I've not been able to stretch this one out beyond third gear. I also dumped the cat on my 05 which was much easier. I'm going to have to go to a full system on this thing. I had alot of fun on my titanium 05:laugh:

The 08 Blue looks incredible in person. I got in about a 100 miles this morning commuting up 95 and the comfort is pretty good...the seat is breaking me in:poke:


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