Pick up new bike tomorrow


switched from the busa to a 06 1k. hope i did not make a mistake. is it ok to still hang out on the board? i will prolly trade it in for the 07 busa if there is a change, kind of miss my old bike allready, let you know how i like it if you are interested.
Not a bad switch at all my friend!! Of course you can hang out. You're still family with SUZUKI!!! I thought about going to a K6 too. I'll have to wait till summer if I wanna keep the Busa+stablemate/track weapon or sell the Busa now and get the K6 now. I think I'll wait till summer.
Whaaaaaaaat ! Yea, OK and of course you can hang out with us, cause YOU'LL BE BACK  

On a Busa that is
You won't be sorry about your choice. Everyone needs a change every now and then. If you find you miss your busa, you can always go back to the bus in 07.

As a matter of fact, I just traded in my K5 gixxer today on a new K6 gixxer. Had the K5 just over a year now and the warranty has expired so I figured it was time to up date the play bike.

I enjoy my gixxer much better than my busa. Just my cup of tea though, may not be for everybody?