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jason wynberg

Hi all,

I am a new owner to the Busa family, and I must say I am enjoying every last kilometre of it.  I do have a question though.  My bike is a 99 model, just clocked over 9,000 kilometres, (of which I have done 1,000).  The query is this, in low rev's when I give the throttle a squirt, it has a flat spot for just a milli second then the engine sprigs to life.  It's as if the fuel is cut off for the shortest tme.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Oh, and apparently the cam recall has been completed (at least according to the stickers on the frame).
That's the Busa. You can help it a bit with a TRE and or a PC II.

You can do all the mods on it and still have it a bit, but not much
With that milage I'm sure the cam chain recall was done right but it has happened that the chain was put on one tooth out. It happened to me. A dyno run would prove if it is right or not. There would be a big loss of power. You can also have it dyno tuned at the same time. Once my chain was back on correctly and I had it remapped it runs grate.
I'm surprised to hear that that hesitation is common. The throttle response on my bike (a totally stock 2001) is very crisp over the entire rev range. The engine is buzzes somewhat at around 4,700 rpm, but I've never noticed any hesitation...
Hi All,My bike is displaying the same symtoms as Jason's bike.The dealer has tried replacing plugs,fuel pump,throttle position sensor,throttle stop sensor and ECU all without success.Needless to say the bike is an untrustworthy dog to ride.Has anyone had a similar problem and come up with a solution? Cheers,Hardy