pic request. extended bikes with 190 tire


i have been searching and searching and i still cant find that old thread that has all the pics of extended bikes.. anyone know where its at? reason i ask i have decided to extend my bike but i just dont know how it would look with the stock 190. the 240 tires look so much better.. how much would a 240 slow me down on the track? i also plan on getting a air shock for the rear too.

Here is a 6 inch stretch with a 200 tire, on slick roads it drifts under light acceleration during corners

It's gonna have an extended tail on it soon to make it look better. The bike will also get extended another 2" to center the wheel with the tail.
looks good.. i still cant decide. there is a guy not far from me that builds arms and widens the stock wheel for 240 kits. either way i will be buying a longer arm but for 600 more bucks i could have the wheel to put a 240 on. ugh.. idk