Photoshop bike paint ideas


Rainbow of Skittles
. I know some of you here are very good with photoshop. I am in the process of trying to decide how to paint my bike. I love the white and silver of the 2006 LE and thats the combo I am looking for.

But a bit of a different pattern. Not so much silver, more white,there is just too much real estate on the busa to be all white for my liking. I was thinking of just a couple of small , I don't know what you would call them, those strips or stripes on lower fairings that are wider at one end and taper to a point at the other end.

Like a mini triangle type thing, just something to break up all that white. And the same pattern on the nose cone thats on the 06. I am trying to keep the paint job simple, uncluttered and cost effective.

I thought also that I could break up the huge expanse of white with nice decals or something. Yes, the bike will have the two kanji decals on the side.

So if you guys would like to post up some ideas or pics or something that would be great. Or a couple of photoshop pics,whatever...


Dude emailed me a pic of his idea, I just dont know how to post it here. If I figure it out I will put them up.
Too much silver, no way.:poke:

I can do it on a pattern easily, but it'd be cooler to do it on a real pic of theshnizzle's busa...