Photo of the new toy

Good looking toy! What do you call her? If you don't have a name yet you will! Do you get up in the night and go and check on her like she was one of your kids? Don't laugh!! I still do. Take care of her and she will take care of you! Be safe brother!!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
You should have some good times. Mine just hit 20K today. Saw it go from 19999 to 20000. Still running as strong as ever.
saw a 02 silver/silver today..whole right side road rashed....low sided...then went inside the shop and saw a
Ltd. ed. all black..on the showroom frame and all...
looked evil....Reno Nevada....but love my 01 blue silver..more.
Race - I think most of them came from Wal-Mart. I started collecting them last year. Everytime I was in the store just cruz past the toy section... and check. Also my friend got me a couple at KayBee toys. They are only about $2.50 each. Capt had some for sale too, email him.