Phillips Motel update


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I just spoke with Ms Reba as I had to cancel my trip. She advised she has 1 single and 1 double still open for anyone wanting to stay there. Sorry I'll miss it. I've been looking forward to seeing the group again. Everyone stay safe and have fun! Now setting sights on spring!
That sucks!
Does your cancelation have something to do with your fork issue?
Thanks for asking. The answer is "kinda". I was under a tight time crunch when I was hospitalized for Kidney issues earlier this month and slow to get back down to the garage. It's still bothering me some. Then we had an emergency with my son who is away to college, and one of my wife's closest teaching friends died this week. The funeral was last night. I was having trouble pulling it all together in time and had already delayed a day when my wife asked me to stay in town last night after the funeral. Way too much personal stuff, but life happens. My forks are together but not on the bike yet. I'll be working on it today (I have the day off). I will miss the trip and was really looking forward to it this time since I've missed several recently due to my bilateral knee replacements.