Performance or Appearance???


I'm not sure if this would fall under performance/ appearance/ or just plain comfort? :dunno:
I have a stock gen 1. I was woundering if anyone had raised there handlebars (1 in.- 2 in.) to make for a more comfortable ride. If so, is it more comfort and how much does it cost? What are some other comfort techniques????
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there are more than a few members that have setup their bikes for long touring/comfort. I'm sure they'll chime in. There are a few different ways to raise the grips. Depending on your positioning you may also want to think about readjusting the rear sets too. It help stretch the leg out a little more.
Unless you need more room, the best way to be comfortable on busa is to build mid and lower body strengh, IMHO.
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Raising the bars makes a HUGE difference on your body. I had mine at 3/4". I was skeptical at first, thinking that moving up that little wouldn't much. Boy was I wrong. You only have to change the position of your body a little bit for really noticeable benefits.
I use heli bars, and a 1 inch bar lift, buell pegs, zero gravity wind screen, and a corbin seat, and pro-grip grips.
All adds up to extra comfort, for sure
DR1300R also sells spacers to lift the bars... cheapest way I know of without a doubt..
If you bike is comfortable to ride, then that is what's important. With what is listed above you can have both!