Performance mod question


Crap...I hate it when I don't know the name of something! Anyway, I saw in a recent edition of a sportbike mag these four small oval-shaped plates that are used to block off something. They also said installing them would mean you could remove a bunch of other pollution junk that was reducing horsepower. Can anyone tell me what parts you can remove after installing these doodads?
Sorry if this has already been posted but without knowing what they are called I can't search for the topic.

Pair removal kit.
You are removing the pair valve, mounted in front of the motor
and behind the primary exh tubes

I took mine off.......used one of the bases on one of the pair tubes as a template......then made my own out of 1/8 aluminum plate.......sealed it with high temp great and it was free.......had the stuff already.

Stops any backfiring you may have if yer running aftermarket pipe or cans.
Some say you gain up to 3 hp, and you lose 1.4 lbs.

WOW! Perfect MSF! Thanks pal. Pair mod. Bookmarking that site for future reference. I owe you :D

How has the high temp silicone held up? You are really puttting it to the test for heat at that location. I would be curious how long it lasts. Plese keep us posted on its life? Thanks.

I haven't been brave enough to trust silicone in applications like that. Perhaps you shed some light since you are testing it now.
Got about 6000 kilometers on it now, and no problems at all.......I use it regularily when working on my cages......but was unsure with the far so good, it's a great product. :beerchug:
MSF - I was installing my new truck engine and they were calling out high temp silicone on the EXHAUST header gasket as "optional". Never done that before. So I did it the old way (metalic gasket and lots of TORQUE). I am feeling old all of a sudden.......