Performance Camshafts


hey guys, I want to install a set of High performance Camshafts on my Gen 1 Busa (2006). Engine has stock size bore (1300), Full Brocks Alien Head exhaust, Power commander V, Pair Valve removed and small air box mod. I ride about 3 days per week and plan to hit the tracks at least once per month

Can anyone recommend a good set up for me please?

Use dual intakes or Yoshi cams with APE cam sprockets, can set at 105/105 for good all round spread of power, but every bike is different. Best to have your builder and tuner set the cams and a/f for what suits your bike best.
The more research ive done the more i found people saying not to use the dual intake setup. They say the lobes on the intake cam doesnt match up on the exhaust side. Every1 i talked to recommends web cams or the yosh stage 1's:thumbsup: