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Hey again, I was just wondering. If / when I get a PCIII Usb, I have a laptop......and was wondering if I can map it using my laptop. Or will a local shop "Lee's Cycle's" be able to Dyno it out for more "300.00$ more....."?

If so, is this thing compatible with Unix/*Nix/Linux? If not, ill make it work, no biggie there. Also, I run a stock bike, before I do any performance mods or upgrades, can I get any extra performance or do anything to it with PCIII that can help in performance? Ive seen a couple tweaks, but what will they do for a stock bike? Increase the snap of the throttle when you crack it quick? Thanks in advance. "Will check on this thread when I get back from the gym."
Visit the Power Commander website - to download the client which interfaces with the adapter and allows all the tuning parameters to be adjusted.

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PC3 USB will smooth out the throttle response a bit on a stock bike. I ran one on my bike stock for about a week and a half while i was waiting on my exhaust system. It made enough of a difference to notice even though the bike was stock. If you are planning on getting a full system exhaust you will need a PC3 anyway so if you have the money, get it now so you will be set when you buy a full system. As far as the power commander software running with Unix/*Nix/Linux, you would have to go to powercommander.com and see if those systems are compatible with their software.
I would not download the one off the website.

it is created in the climate where they dyno the bikes, it may or may not work where you are from.

My .02, these board members will come through, post your mods and wait for it.
ahh, well thanks for the help yall. My question was answered, thanks again. And the platform of the software I'm not to worried about. I am more than 95% sure it was designed for (Windblows). Just took a look and it is designed to work with 98se - XP, but no worries ill make it work with linux. From the looks of the screen shot and reading about the .map files it should be cake to emulate in linux. Anyways thanks again yall.