PCIII map suggestions

I have a 2006 busa with following mods:

Dual Voodoo Megaphone exhaust
Billet (all) short velocity stacks
Small airbox mod
K&N air filter
P.A.I.R. valve removed

Ever since i had my PC installed i've been having problems with my first gear. it surges BAD!!! when it surges the RPMs dont drop or jump. Ive taken it to several places and had several ppl take it out for a spin including the idiot dealer that installed my PC and was told that its a fuel/air problem and not a tranny and clutch.

I was also told that Voodoo doesnt make maps for their exhaust and it would take about 2-3 days to fully customize a map for my bike. Does anyone have any suggestions other then getting rid of the exhaust? Thank you.
I had the same issue with my o6 that has the power commander on it and my mechanic said it was a lean fuel mixture issue, So I went home and bumped up the fuel mixture on the power commander and it no longer surges. Good luck

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