PCIII dry shot values


So I'm looking at ECU editor and it shows that stock, the Gen II uses the primary injectors for 20% fueling balance above 7200 rpm at 100% throttle. This tells me that if I have a bike tested on the dyno delivering 170 hp to the tire stock, the primaries are only supplying 34 hp worth of fuel support. In theory then, with a PCIII limited to 100% more fueling than stock (as opposed to the PCV's 250%) a Gen II would be only capable of a max of 34 more HP with nitrous (assuming I don't run out of duty cycle of course).

This then makes me think that a dry 30 shot is the maximum one should consider in order to have any overhead and allow richer than stock mixture.

What are folks putting in for values in their PCIIIs who are running a dry shot? is everyone burying them at 100%?