PCII map for 2001 busa w/ HMF dual low exit


Does anyone have or know where to find a PcII map for a 2001 busa w/ K&N air filter and full HMF 4-2-1-2 (dual) low exit exhaust?  I've tryed Powercommander.com but they dont have a specific map for my setup and I do not know which of their maps is comparable.
Thanks for any help
You can go with 4:2:1 also should work fine. If you don't find what you are looking for in a week let me know. I have a Map that i used when I had 4:2:1:2 HMF before I had a Turbo. It would give you a base line anyway.
I found a map that works great. The bike feels like it wants to fly. The HMF dual low looks go and sounds loud as hell.