hey guys i need some info, i'm going to put a pc3 on my busa what kinda hp am i looking to get out of it now?? any info would help out alot.. thanks
Nothing more if that's the only thing you are adding. A PC3 is only a benefit if you have made other changes and you need to get the AFR back on track.

Okay, with a custom tune you might squeeze 1 or 2 more ponies.


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Its not like a chip that you throw on a turbo car.... its more like an air fuel controller....

Like I've been told.... don't get one and work on your riding skills if you want to be a faster rider.
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PC won't do anything more for your busa than your stock ECU with a TEKA box tune. We tried those things on our race bikes and finally trashed them. TEKA box tune works just fine. The PC is piggy backed onto your ECU and fools it into thinking it's doing something it's not.

It's no different than running a program within a program on your computer. It works, but it slows the entire process down.

PC and TRE are both advertised as a whole lot of bark but have little or no bite!

Just my opinion but I'm stickin to it!

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