PC3 map download


I have an 02 Hayabusa with a full Yoshi, single exhaust/ K&N filter, I was going to download a map for this setup on power commander's site but they do not have a map for this setup. Is there a setup I can download thatll be close?
I have a map that might work. I have have a 00' with the same set up. I have a PC3 map (but it was for a 16bit ECU) and a PCV map (for a 32bit ECU). The PC3 map will probably work since I don't think that it mattered on the PC3 other than the connectors and the firmware if you had a 16bit or 32bit ECU. I don't think the fuel map granularity increased until the PCV.
Hey SoCal,

I have the same set up on an 03 with the airbox mod. would your map work for me as well? If you wouldn't mind sharing the knowledge!

Thanks in advance :bowdown:
I don't have the air box mod but you're certainly welcome to try the map. Send me a PM and let me know if you need PCIII or PCV.