PC#R Maps and Mod's ?


Got a ? Have an 02 with EGR and Air Valve Yanked, IAT relocated, TRE, K&N, Ram air Tubes sealed and extended, Yosh Slip On's and when I load the Yosh slip on Map get stumble/shudder at 4000. Besides that in general runs like sh__!
Without PC3R run's awesome with TRE mod. Now it seems better with TRE mod off. Do PC maps take out the limiters and govenor? As well, are any of the maps out there compensating for the emissions crap we all yank? Where can I get a map for my situation or should I just yank the PC3R until I get the smack for the HMF Full I want?? :newbie:
get a switchable ATRE from JeffW. then get a map made downloaded maps are for cheap bastards that think you can get something for free
Thanks good point. Get the Map done at 1 of Dyno Jet's authorized sites? What should it cost me , besides Dyno time?
I do not want to go on any more rides!! Alrerady have the switchable TRE. Thanks. I am going to try a zero Map or Stage 1.
I charge 200.00 for the map but Texas is not close. whoever does it keep in mind that they (the Tuner) needs to know you and your riding style. Most maps are made with the cells on a dyno trust me on a Busa, 12, Gsxr,VTX ,or what ever you use a PC on you need to map it not only with the cells but in other spots aswell. Most riders do not ride at 2-5-10-20% ect. throttle they ride at 7-9-12-17% if you cell map, the map is wrong and the bike run awful
Thanks Johnny Cheese. I appreciate the advice and I agree 100% with the cell info you are speaking of. I tried to play with my 4000 RPM problem by adjustimg that one cell and it was ok there but at 4200 to 4300 it stumbled again. Cells are just the easy and cheap way of Dyno Jet to resolve some issues. I was thinking of working off a Stage 1 map I have from a friend and playing tuner withn a custom map for myself. I just need a better laptop ( Have a 450 MHZ AMD) and some Dyno time. Actually I need to get a 25 foot serial cable and solve all my problems. unfotanately ride it like it should be ridden but, I am not a high rev kind of guy. They always say boy the power really comes on after 6K!! I am already in the next gear. Hate the way my 900 RR and Busa get at about 9k feels like I am on a giant Vibrator. Got any contacts or recommendations in NJ??

I am running a Zero Map with the tre on and she runs like I just stole it. I cannot believe no one tells you about the Tre and Power Commander conflict. Appreciate all the info.

Hey if you a rookie, what am I ignorant???