Pazzo Clearance problem


Just fitted my new shorty Pazzo levers to my K8.

Problem is - if i turn full lock and have the levers set to the furthest "out" position the bottom of the brake lever (near the knuckle) hits the instrument pod (not a big bang but its defo touching - i can see the mark its leaving and feel the brake move).

If i set the brake lever to 3 which is where i want it, it still gently touches.

Have tried moving the whole lever unit and cylinder to all extremes, and moved the lever up and down as far as possible, there is still an issue.

Anyone had the same problem and if so is there a workaround other than filing the lever down?

Cant believe ive paid £129 for something that doesn't fit the bike !!!!

Let's see some pics, Jza, so's we can see what you are seeing, my brother!

We'll get you hooked up... but we need to see what'cha got first....


On the third pic - the lever is only on 4 and its moved the brake on.

Its the same on the clutch side.

Mine did this as well when I had it rotated down without the Heli-bars. With Helibars it is fine but still had to watch how far down I rotated the control. Just a thought.


All standard - no helibars - no lowering

Doesnt matter how far up or down or side to side i move the controls - it touches the fairing



Yep - the model numbers are correct. Fitted just fine in terms of the holes and allignment (it matches the shape of the standard levers). Just bangs the instrument pod as you can see.

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