password for the manual???


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One of the guys on here was way cool in sending me the busa on cd . Thanks Brennanop . Real decent of ya. The whole cd is pretty cool . Just cant seem to find the password that opens up the manual file . Any help would be awesome , thanks guys/gals .
Try asub that's busa spelled backward!
thanks tj.....that was FAST...SUPAFAST....thx . Why I have ever bothered to goof around on any other bike site on the planet is beyond me . You can get a question answered here in seven minutes or less....."Or your entire purchase price is cheerfully refunded" get to keep the free gift !!!
Anyway I can buy one of those CDs?
One of the guys in here was cool enuff to mail me one for free.
One good turn deserves another . In other words,pm me with yer address ,and I'll send ya one for free . If ya wanted to make a small donation to the site,that would be cool . I haven't done this yet , but I'll get to it. That's what I offered the gentleman who sent me the disk. Have a nice day.