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I PM'd you on your website using the contact link and had not heard back so i figured id ask again.

I am thinking about doing a 3k+ trip on my 2003 Hayabusa and the bike is near bone stock. In order to make the trip as comfortable as i can i checked out your videos of your long runs but your bike is newer.

I am looking for a similar setup for my bike.

Things i have gotten thus far are;

Double Bubble Windscreen
(Just bought a Droid X2 on Ebay for $20 bucks for onboard GPS and easy telecommunications for my trip.) - Need a phone mount for this phone for my Hyabusa and a charging system to keep it up for the long trip
I would like to get the same bags you have with the bars but id like it to be removable
Would like different foot pegs, something designed for comfort
also was interested in a corbin seat but i cant find a part # on your website for an 03 busa. You also mentioned you used an air seat for your ride?
Last but not least i was looking to raise the handle bars so its more comfortable. Any thoughts?
Any seat from 1999 to 2007 will work on your 2003. Hope that helps. Tim should be with you shortly.
A cheap trick for your phone charger, buy an inexpensive car charger cut the cable off at the charger. Open the charger up replace the tip with a wire and a fuse(12v +). Replace the side contacts with another wire (ground). Remove the wires you cut off and replace them with longer wires. You can put a connector up front (mine is on the other side of the fuse panel). The the cord you cut off put the other end of the connector on it and it becomes you power cord. When you're not using it you can just remove the cord and all that is seen is the connector. If dines right you won't see that unless you're looking for it. To mount the charger use double sided tape and then all you need to do is figure out where to wire it in to the bike it draws very little current but I would not leave it tied directly to the battery. Good luck.
Bit swamped in email this week, sorry for late reply.
can always call 530-391-1356 9-5 PST M-F.

Phone mount: Get the AdaptiMount

Charging system: Get the new 3BR 2amp USB outlet.

Bags I have are the RKA 50L Saddlebags. Easily removable.

Many different brands of soft saddlebags out there, but the RKA is popular with Busa owners because they use a very thin strap and it easily fits under the hump. So you can run with the hump on like I do.

Also recently added the Ventura Rear Sport Rack and had it custom painted to match the bike. One those odd items you get on the bike and wonder how you ever lived with it. Should have added the Ventura Rack years ago!

Footpegs are highly subjective. I hated the stock pegs on both of my Busa's. Fugly clunker things. I have the super-sexy Oberon pegs, but they are pricey and you have to order them from the UK. (~$65 set I think).
Slash Cut style are simple solution here in the US ($50) and we do offer those. 'Comfort' is subjective.
Buell Pegs drop you down an inch is another popular option.

We're not a Corbin dealer, they are pricey if new - buy used if you can. I paid $150 for mine from a member here and patiently waited months for one to pop up on the board. Worth it. It's super-hard but still works for sport-riding, knee-dragging. I also have a New Image Seat, and also the Zero Gravity Latigo. I like the ZG seat the best for sport riding, days less than 500 mile day it's go for. Anything above a 500 mike day, need that AirHawk.

For the Iron Butt Ride on the Busa, I was very worried about the seat. My ass hurts after 500 miles non-stop. Some riders swear by the AirHawks so picked one up off Amazon for $70. Works great, and no fatigue during my 1100 mile non-stop ride. You sit on a cushion of air, so no pressure points to cause ya pain. Lo-cost and removable.

If the seat is a big issue and you are serious sport-touring, look in Bill Mayer Saddles. They are in NorCal, been around a long time, and will custom make you the seat of your dreams.

Bead Riders are also a popular option & have been around for many years. Decades even.

Heli-bars are simple & popular option to raise bars slightly up and back. Be careful to do homework about the kit of your choice - some may require new brake lines with taller bars, work that into your budget. Best to consult with HeliBars to see if your individual setup will need new lines or if you need overlength lines.

Extreme change is the LSL Bar kit- I think Speigler makes it. Completely replaces the bars with a new moto-cross type bar. You'll need new brake lines for that too.

Bit long-winded, but 1AM and still here doing emails.

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