Pair Removal Question


Just a quick question about the pair valve removal. I know this has been answered before, but I can't find it. What do you do with both of the hoses when you remove the valve?
The hoses from the PAIR vlave either go up towards the air box or attach to the exhaust section of the head.

The exhaust hoses you can simply remove with the valve.

The two that go up towards the air box need to be plugged. You will have to raise the tank to get at them.

The larger one attaches to the air box above the idle speed adjuster, on the right side of the bike. You can remove the hose and plug the box opening or cut the hose short and plug it near the airbox.

The smaller hose attaches to the throttle body, just below the back of the air box. Same requirements as the first hose. Plug it or clamp it. Don't just remove it and leave the opening uncovered.

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To plug the hose fittings on the airbox and throttle body, I found that you can get flexible plastic or rubber vaccuum caps at just about any auto parts store for a couple of dollars. They come in various sizes and can be bought in the "Assorted sizes" single package. The large airbox port is about 3/8" to 1/2" in size and the throttle body nipple is about 1/8" so make sure the pack has those sizes and all the ones in between. The small one just slips on the nipple. Make sure it is snug to prevent a vaccuum leak at the throttle body. The large one needs a little help. I put RTV gasket seal on the large nipple and coated the inside of the cap. After slipping it on and wiping the extra goo off the outside, I put a zip tie around it to hold it right where I want it until the RTV dried and glued it on. These things look professional compared to cutting the hoses and sticking a bolt or golf tee in the hose end (I have seen it done!).
I also used the rubber vaccuum caps, makes for a clean job. I got mine at Advance Auto, they were pretty cheap. Hope ya get that bike all lined out soon, maybe we'll see ya at the gap before long, it's getting about time for another run.