Painted Inner Panels


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Having RaceReady also paint the rear lowers & belly pan was one of my all-time favorite appearance mods.

I also bought an unpainted 08 GSXR 1000 fender from the PashnitBusa store and had him paint that also then had the hump modded by CustomCowls and RaceReady painted that too. FR Racing anodized & custom engraved the front Galfer rotors + added gold buttons. Blue pegs were from Oberon in the UK.



Okay , i'll bite (mainly because it's an excuse to post pics).
I've had William at RaceReady paint my inners three times, the first was so long ago, they hadn't figured out you need to sand them smooth first and to get rid of the crocodile pattern. I had the '00 done twice, and then again with the '08 blue. It's a remarkably striking mod that pulls the bike together.

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That was a gorgeous bike Tim. The seat looks great and so do the inner fairings. Sounds like RaceReady worked through their quality issues. Guess these will have to go on my wish list. The wife may have to get me these for Christians :D


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Why the full tank bra Tim? I’ve always had a rear half bra for protection from my pants and jacket but didn’t want to completely cover the whole tank.


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Wuz, Always been a fan of Bagster. I've had them on 5 successive motorcycles. They are a bit pricey ($158 + 42 ship) and take awhile to get from France. You can also still use a magnetic with it. The Bagster tank bags are universal to their tank covers so through the years, I used the same two tankbags till they started to fall apart. I had the bra on the '00 back when Second Look was still in business, but I don't like that it slowly wears off the clear coat. (Admitedly, I didn't know about Racer Tape 10 years ago) With the Bagster on the '08 & (2) Z1000's, I covered the tank in Racer Tape, then put on the Bagster. I think Bagster is popular with the sport-touring community, not sure why. I think they just look cool. ;)



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