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I dropped my bike and I would like to get some input on color I have to have work done on the right side fairing and it has to have some plastic work done but not sure of color I was thinking of taking the stickers off and just getting the color matched on that one side matched please any input would be appreciated I want just red with the busa sticker on it but unsure pls help check my other post for damage on right fairing and let me know thanks


you should just ask the person your having paint your busa if they can paint the design of the sticker on the fairings then you dont have to worry about the stickers

head east busa

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with red you may need to have whoever paints it tint the color to match it's hard to get a straight across match with reds. May need to blend up your color into the cowl. Really depends on how good your painter is.
ColorRite does a good job of matching colors if you are going to do some touch up. For the stickers, I would look up Tapeworks. They can do Busa logos in just about any size and color combination you want.

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