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I just traded my 2011 and got a 2013 busa. I noticed on my 2011 I was getting scuff marks on my tank from where my knees were rubbing on the tank. Does anyone know where to get a clear bra/ clear film for the fairing and tank. Similar to the 3M clear Bra for a car...


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Do some Google'n, I know they make it, I have it on my bike. Can't recall where I got it from tho.


So did you get your 2011 fixed before the trade? Wasn't you that had another thread about having found your bike knocked over?


So did you get your 2011 fixed before the trade? Wasn't you that had another thread about having found your bike knocked over?
Yes, my 2011got knocked over.. I purchased new OEM parts online (saved paying the $300 in sales tax) had the parts shipped to the dealer. then decided to trade the bike in for the new 2013


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Thanks, I am gonna give them a call tomorrow.. Looks like some local dealers in my neighborhood. Woo hoo, hopefully they have something for my 2013
They have a kit for your bike. My 08 came with that installed, and I thought something was up with the paint until I realized what it was. The dealer that sold me the bike got it from another dealer, so they didn't even know the stuff was on the bike when I bought it.. Here's a few pics...

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That's AWESOME Flicka..

I am hoping to get a kit, however I am considering the DIY kit from 3M.

My 2013 busa was ordered and delivered in a box, and assembled at the dealership. I just want to protect it better than my


Flicka, ya need to take a hair dryer to heat up the edges a bit, and press them down with a soft cloth, then you will not see any seams around decals. The 08 kit fits right up to 2013 BTW. Ask them to cut the kit with ultimate film. Super shiny The front fender is a nice item to have as well as I got a piece made for the lower chin spolier behind the front tire as well as a piece made for the air splitter under the bike before the rear tire. Nice bike C-ya


I had NW Auto Shield cut a template (Paint Protection Film - XPEL Technologies Corp.) for a 2008 Busa, fit nicely on my new 2013 total cost $275 installed

Tank - Upper Fairing/Cowl - Side Cowl - Front Fender
That's great! I wish I would've known about the product when I first bought my bike a few years ago. I bought a new vehicle a few months ago and while looking for clear bras, bumped into this xpel brand. It turned out that I have a certified installer close to me and decided to go get it installed. I LOVE THIS THING!!!!! From now on I'll install it in all my vehicles. :thumbsup:

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