paint or lack of it


i own a 2003 busa and need to know if anybody else out there has had this problem.??? aat the lower faring right at the gas tank vent hose exet the paint has come off my bike twice.. i do not over fill and never use anything but top qualith wax ... suzuki is being a pain in the ass with the just massed its 2000 milw mark ... any help would be greatly appreciated.. feel free to e mail me
Welcome to the board, necron. :cool: As for the paint, it's hard to say without seein' the problem, which my 2003 doesn't have. Is it chippin' off? Or, is it just goin' away, as in gettin' thin and seein' the fairing material through it? My busa does have some very thin areas. Paint must be a certain thickness to have all the UV and chemical resistance that it is designed to have. If it's a thin area then the gas may be eatin' it off...

If that's the case and yer dealer won't help you out, you should try to get in touch with Suzuki. Let the dealer know that you plan to go straight to Suzuki if they don't remedy the problem... but first, be sure that it's a paint problem and not caused by something else. ;)