paint codas

Hi does any one know the paint codes for the 99 copper and silver?

Also where to get the stock lower cowl stickers?

I am thinking of having a friend repainting mine the same colors with clear coat over it.

Well I did the search and came up with copper Y9K 4990 Color Rite, and silver Y4T 4963 Color Rite, but what they show for it does not even look close.


Lily's Daddy
On the computer or paint chips at the shop? the hugh/tint... on your computer screen may make it look different.
yeah you cant6 compare what you see on a computer with the real thing...duh...there is contrast, brightness, red, green,blue controls that all effect how something looks on a computer screen, plus the fact that its a picture of a paint chip taken with a camera that also has its own set of things that effect the outcome....colorite is the way to go for all stock paint....also keep in mind the top coat will look different depending on what base is underneath it too...if you read the bottom of the page it says

I've purchased paint for the Busa from color-rite and it's as exact a match as it can get. Including the flake added to the paint. Even the paint pens they sell are dead on.

They're easy to work with, easy to purchase from, ship quick, and the product looks good. :beerchug:

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