Ok guys guys, so heres the deal. 02 le black, kn filter, pc3r, yosh rs3 slipons... so now the fun part. lately i have been noticing a few baclfires, nothing realy loud, just a few pops, and my buddies say the coolest blue flames come out of my exhaust when it happens. i have heard that people have had their motors damaged from backfires. How?? what exactly does it break?? i understand that the pair valve introduces air into the exhaust to dilute emissions, and if i'm running a little rich, it allows enough o2 into the exhaust to allow any unburned fuel vapor to ignite (ie the backfire) but if i dont remove the valve, will it hurt anything?? if so what? i know that i will drop a few pounds by taking it off, but if i dont need to immediately i may wait til winter. also, when someone puts glasspacks on a truck for instance, the load popping heard under decelleration is backfiring, just not big ones, and as far as i know they arent harmful, so why would it hurt the bike?? ok, last question, if i'm running rich enough to cause a backfire, but only under decelleration, then is it too rich all the time, or only when the cylinder fires late cause i'm not on the throttle hard?? thanks in advance guys

you are suppose to run 87 but sound like you need block off plates or if you already have them someone who knows how to map
Remove the Pair Valve and install block off plates, this will take care of the backfire problem...
hey i was having the same problem after doing a tune up.. I decided to drop down and try 87 and i've noticed about a 90% decrease in backfiring
thanks guys, but i always thought that the higher the octane the better it ran?? so why not 102?? i mean if 87 is the poop, why do people pay so much for race gas, ie vp racing fuels, sunoco etc?? thanks again