Ozarks trip photos .


Awesome. Loved Texarkana. Stayed there when we were passing thru on the way back from Texas. Loved Arkansas. So much land.

Love the furbabies!!! I've had AmStaffs and pits my whole life. Now I have American Bulldogs, but want an English Staff.


The sign says pits. It was a gift. The red moma is DNA tested doggie Bordeaux
Mix. Designer made breeder dumped, and rescued by us. Stella the Grey beast DNA as a staffy, and little boy Griffin the fawn is the only one who might be a pitty. Not DNA tested yet. He was beat /abused /dumped.
A year later he has real come out of the shell. Still scared @ times, but will kill a weedeater :) that was the fist time we heard him bark was at the lawn equipment.
They are not that big. Stella 72 lb, Delaney 71 lb, and Griffin 60 lb



Some time's it kind of bothers me people pick up their small dogs, or go the other way.
Our dogs are not dog aggressive, but after seeing this photo Tianne took today I can understand why.

View attachment 1598826

View attachment 1598827
The problem is that many dog owners haven't trained their dogs and have no control over them. I have been nipped twice in the last couple of years by dogs that were on a leash while being walked.

Johnnie Phatt

I love Texas. Many a trip there. People are (for the most part) the kind who would give you the shirt off of their back. Even if it is their only shirt. and the BBQ. Nuff said. Kansas City BBQ is nice but It Aint Texas :). I will not comment n the politics of the Bush's. Only to say I think they were two of the few who understood what an honour it is to be chosen by the American people to be their president.
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