OZ racing Gass RS-A wheels - Black or Titanium color???

Good choice bro , the black will be beautiful !! Now , really looking forward to seeing them fitted up !! It is good to have this choice at 50 bro , and I tell you I also like choosing for Busa at 51 !!
Hi. It is just as good at 70 too. Did you see the post by Red Bull about the Carbon fiber,magnesium and titanium turbo. I will PM you later with more info on the motor.
No , I didn't catch that from Red , sounds awesome though , I bet you are looking into to that piece , eh Mike ??!! :thumbsup:
Hi. Yes I will be talking to DME,RCC and Frank. At $19000.00 it is a high price for just the turbo The standalone ECU and turbo be the last parts I will buy. I have 6 grand saved, but I will use it to buy another truck. looking to get a deal like the 2009 F150 I got for $1800.00 and sold in 3 days for $4500.00.
You could always do black and if you want to offset the look get some rim tapes or stripes.
I just suggest to go with the color you feel you wont regret...if that makes sense.
When I was figuring my PC color for my rims everyone was against blue. Friends and family all wanted silver. I knew I wanted blue, and if I didn’t do blue I would have regretted it. So I did blue and rim taped so everyone wins lol and I can always revert back to blue if and when I want to.

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