Has anyone experienced a problem with the Busa overheating? This morning when I was riding in heavy stop and go traffic the temp gauge was normal. I had to stopped and get gas. When I left the gas station I got stopped at a long red light. That was when I noticed the temp gauge hit the red line. Does anyone have any ideas as to why the Busa running hot?
Stop and go, low speeds suck on liter bikes. Need that 35mph + wind to keep radiator cool. Check radiator for bugs causign air blockage. Run 50% or more of distilled water, or invest in those fancy coolants like Water Wetter or Icey something. Mine heats up alot in traffic... so I avoid traffic to fix the problem. :) I think I've red lined it before. I sometimes shut the bike off at a light and start up again on green.

I recommend selling the Busa and buying a Segue at this point.

Muzzy puts out a replacement fan that is suppose to make a big difference.
My fan kicks on in traffic.  Never came close to redline though.
I just figured it was the AZ heat.  110 ambient temp and all.

Ride Safe! :super:
I'm not really helpfull... but I'm a good faker and am pretty hot looking.
Icey something?:super:? could you be talking about Engine Ice :super: Wrap the headers and pipes that'll reduce you're temp
Best advice is obviously to avoid traffic...But thats not allways feasable so when you are sitting in stop and go just shut off the engine with the key. I specify the key cause if you just hit the kill swich you might forgot that your lights and everything are still drawing current, a hot battery is allready stressed so ther eis no need to go out of your way to torture the poor thing. Engine Ice is pretty good stuff from what I have heard but the real key is to just keep moving. Oh and be sure to use a motorcycle specific coolent for best results and use De-Ionized water, ensures that there aren't any impurities.
G Man, actually, since you are in Atlanta (not typically a cold state in need of higher glycol mixture), you can run a 72% distilled water (only)/3% water wetter/25% glycol mix ( I use Prestone Dexcool Orange, it has a higher boiling point/runs cooler ;) ) and enjoy below the line temperatures most of the time.

When changing out your system. With the Hayabusa on its side stand make sure to fill to the bled-off line, close cap, run.

Then, while seated on bike with feet outspread, flick busa left/right to 'shake' any existing air bubbles up to the cap (if you are worried that you may drop the bike, have someone else assist you by holding the tail of the bike), until the fan comes on then turn off. Let cool. Open cap and re-fill, recap, run and flick bike left/right until fan comes on.  Repeat as necessary.

The GSXR-750's, SRAD's or like I have, an '03 Gixx 1k fan mounts well w/ slight creative modifactions AND it has a lower profile so it doesn't create clearance problems if you run a full race exhaust system!  
It splices right into your existing fan.

For final added assurance, you can bridge a toggle switch to manually over-ride your sensor and 'kick it' any time you need!

Good luck!  :)
Additionally, if you are running 'hot' and you pull over and turn off the bike. If you turn the bike back on immediately, it will 'SPIKE' hot!!!

This is because the thermostat is wide open and the sensor is reading non-moving water.

Give it a chance to cool before re-starting. You'll be back in the zone! :super:
Mine has had a over heating problem in traffic as well. The local dealer told me that it was due to air in the system. He stated that they have had problems with this on the Busa in the past. Have them flush it. I haven't had a problem since they did that!
Had some problems when my busa was stock. It gets very hot in West Texas. After a small air box modification, Micron Full System the problem has totally gone away. As a matter of fact, my gauge never exceeds mid-point and my fan has yet to come on.:;):
i am in Texas and get kinda warm here ...hehe
but i have the muzzy fan and seem to work in stop and go traffic :)