overheating in trafic

You might want to get a Muzzy fan blade, which run about $45. The stock seem to melt after a while and not flow enough air.

Mine will overheat if it sits more than five to ten minutes, even in cold weather.
I left mine idling in the driveway on a cool day while I moved a car
out of the garage. It overheated and poured radiator fluid all over
bike and drive before I could get back to it. I had just started the
bike cold and it was no more than 5 minutes, if that long.
Since then I have watched the temperature guage closely at stops,
but have had no further problem.
Yes, I added a second fan on the otherside of the radiator.
Both fans have plastic blades. I bought a new fan then I ground out all spot welds and repositioned brackets to a near mirror image of the first fan and pop rivet it together.

Fans rarely run more than twenty seconds between cycles.

Follow this link below and look under the folder "Lighting/Electrical" go to bottom of page and click view all messages. Click on "2nd radiator fan install." The first part of the message is truncated and you have to click "view full message" The installation is broken down in two sections, the first section is lengthy and deals with the modification of the second motor and is in steps with instructions to the letter detailing everything. The second message deals with the electrical part of the installation. Finally there are messages that will show a detailed picture of the complete schematic to a 99 Busa.


Moving the ATS will help poor idling under hot conditions, although it won't make the engine run any cooler. You will need to cut the ATS wires, lengthen them and re-install the ATS in the bottom of the left ram air intake. Block off the airbox ATS hole with a screw plug of the same thread.
The only time i noticed mine getting ready to overheat was when i got held up in traffic with 35 miles on the clock.

Of all times to get held up it was on my way home after picking up a new bike from shop.

Alum fan will help for sure, but the Busa is prone to over heat in deep traffic. If your stopped just get use to shutting down until you can catch some air.
Yeah, mine overheated brand new, less than 5 miles on it, red light came on I shut it down. Waited 3-4 min, cranked, put back in air flow, light went off after 10 sec. Do you think it did any damage? My oil is slightly off color after only 100 miles, is this normal, I may be over concerned.
Check the connection where the fan plugs into the wiring harness, mine did not have a good clean connection.
PC-II remap took care of our overheating problem... now if we could just get rid of the stumble at 3 grand...
Don't use the Muzzy Fans!!!!

#1 : Engine will run hotter, the fan really doesn't live up to what they say it does. I'm in Arizona... believe me, the bike ran a LOT hotter in summer using Muzzy Fan over the stock fan.

#2: The blades BREAK. The metal is CHEAP. I had a fan blade (Muzzy) break off and hit the radiator coil. Luckily, it caused no major damage. However, when the fan came on the whole bike seemed to vibrate weird.

The stock fan is GREAT. If you are running too hot, check to see if you got that white gunk build up on the bottom of your coolant overflow. If you do, remove the plastic bottle, clean it out, and refill. The gunk that collects actually blocks one of the tubes at the bottom that goes into the radiator... this is what typically causes the overheating... the radiator can't suck in enough coolant.
Also living in AZ, overheating was an immediate concern upon purchase.
I put Redline coolant additive in the first couple of days I owned the bike, and have not had a single problem.
Keep in mind that I ride every day, usually in traffic, and in temps up to 115 or so (no, that's not celcius!).
I have read about people rigging up double fans, but I simply have not had a problem yet.
My 99 Busa did over heat in down town Atlanta, Ga and would not restart for about a half hour. I hink the fuel in the lines vaporized and the punp could not pick up any. Now I watch the temp gauge close and if I get stuck in traffic I shut it down. Since then I've had no more problems but I try to avoid heavy traffic on hot days. GR2
PC-II remap took care of our overheating problem... now if we could just get rid of the stumble at 3 grand...[/QUOTE]<span id='postcolor'>
Fit a TRE and balance the Throttle bodies.
What do you mean "balance the throttle bodies?"
I live in Texas and during the summer months it gets pretty hot.  My '01 busa has never overheated to the point of trouble.  One time in a traffic jam the frame was so warm that I couldn't rest my legs on it, but it was ok as soon as I was able to get some air moving on us.  
To run efficiantly the throttle bodies must be balanced or synchronized, just like carburettors. Use vacuum gauges in the same way as you would with carbs. Get a manual for a detailed explanation , how to do it. Manual reccomends balancing every 7500 miles.
my 99 never hit the red till a few months ago. keep in mind, I live in Texas. I checked the thermostat, it was fine, just residue build up. since i purchased a new one, i replaced it anyway. Also, changed out the coolant. the water pump seems to be working, there is pressure in the system. I've been on it three times since then, works fine, but then again Memorial weekend didnt have rush hour. Otherwise, bike runs great, just as it did from the dealership back in November of 99