over heating problems?



My Busa just lately has started to over heat after about a half hour of regular riding. coolant is good. fan works. what could it be?
Im on a 2k Busa, and the day i took the thing home it got real hot. That was about 1000 miles ago. Never seen it come close since that day. Maybe a stuck stat? Keeping my fingers crossed.
Have you just changed coolant?

Would suggest burping the system to get rid of all the air. Some have taken up to 3 hours to rid all air from system.
Mine did it when I took off the radiator cap and checked the level and made sure I tightned back good. I must have got air in the system somehow, anyway I refilled and (burped it) as the shop manual said and put a little watter wetter in it and filled the overflow tank to the low level, started it up to full operating temp and topped off the tank to just below the high mark. have'nt had a problem since then its been about three months. If that does'nt work take it to the dealer and let him check it out. could be thermostat or ?

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