Over heated


My busa overheated in traffic this morning. All of a sudden it started smokin. I pulled over and checked it out and low and behold the temp sensor on the radaitor was unplugged so the fan wouldn't turn on. The weird thing is that the plug was shoved up into the fairing so it's not like it wiggled off. That means someone had to have done it but I can't think of anyone who'd do something like that. At least nothing broke cause the coolant came out the overflow line, but it scared the poop out of me. Had to remove the left fairing to plug the sensor back in and by that time it cooled off. Had to go to work smelling like antifreeze though.
Just had to vent. People who don't own bikes just don't understand why I'd be so pissed. That's my baby and it really winds me up that someone would mess with it.
Where do you keep it parked? Atleast you were able tp find out whar was wrong and fix it.