Out of State Purchase


Need some feed back.
Has anyone in Calif. purchased a bike from another state and then registered it in California. Any problems?
New or used with less than 7500 miles.

Anyone done that with the Limited 02 all black bike?

If you have what extra forms did the DMV require, or did they?

Thanks in advance for the info on this.

i believe all u have to do is taked it to the smog referee and he will inspect it and make sure all the emissions is on there and thats it... but from i understand the ca models have somethin extra on the emissions, but i dont know what it is. and hell who knows they may not even know the diff between the bikes anyhow..
Watch out!!!! If your bike isn't a calif. model(it'll say on the placard) you cannot register the bike in california. I moved from Florida to Cali with a 49 state busa. When I called the DMV, they said I have to get a one time permit to drive the bike out-of state and leave it there. Needless to say they don't know who I am. I'm riding the bike until I build up 7500miles(@6400) then I'll register it. Hopefully I won't get pulled over, the CA driver's license with Florida tags just won't work. The DMV considers bikes less than 7500miles to be new and only CA models are allowed to be registered new. However after 7500miles the bike is considered used and you can register it. I recommend buying a CA model then remove the pair and fix the timing and it'll be just like a 49 state busa.