Our new puppy


Hi guys, Hope all is well. We finally got our new puppy. Its a Jack Russell and tomorrow it will be 10 weeks old tomorrow. No papers but the owner had the mother, dad, grandmother and great grandmother. All looked healthy which is a good thing. Only cost us 200 but well worth it we think. Should help keep us in shape in our elderly years :laugh:. Its been a while since I had a dog and had forgot how demanding they are. It has gotten me up around 5 AM for 2 days. So far he has had only one accident in the house but has been letting us know when he needs to go out. Here are a few pics.






Have fun with him, but remember...there's a reason we veterinarians call them "Jack Russell Terrorists."

They're little cuddly killers!
That's just about as cute as they come right there...
Nice pup.:thumbsup:

Make sure you show him who's boss from the start.
Lynne got me a Jack for my birthday once he was two years old, she was his boss, little git hated me, bit me all the time.

Had to get rid of him in the end.
My friend had him, but brought him back after a week because he terrorised his old mum.

Then someone else had him.
I cried when he went, he was still my baby.