Our government the pirates


OK I was reading a post where an american bought a bike in Australia and is having trouble getting it into the US . I would like to share a story maybe you have some similar . Lets start with the typical . My ex went on welfare or TANNIF as Maine calls it . The state takes over collecting child support decides how much they think they want and attach my wages ie. dedust money every week . They send me a letter saying they are going to do it . They send my boss a letter saying he needs to take the money out every week and send it to them . He takes the money out and doesnt send it in for a while . I call them ask if I can get my whole check and pay them ? Sorry no dice has to be that way I tell them he isnt paying they need to get on the ball . As usual the lazy sh1ts let it build up to a 4000.00 debt and try putting a lean on my car . I call up warm up my fathers bulldozer and ask where they want there f****** car they say they dont want it just the money I tell them he has collected it I show my pay stubs and all. I go to a hearing they decide belive it or not that they are not responsible for collecting the woman actually asks me "If a man robbed you outside at gunpoint and took your money for your child support would I hold them responsible " To which I replied "I would if you gave him the gun and told him to rob me " I got a little snicker from the Administrative judge but she upheld the ruling saying there was nothing making them responsible even though they made me give my money to him and made him take my money . I had to sue him for it . Finally I got a lawyer he filed out the paperwork suing them guess what . They settled out of court so as not to set a judicial presedent for other fathers out there to use and took the 4000.00 off my child support . Now I owe 800.00 . AS much as I would have loved to set that president for others to use I was just happy to get out of a debt which I already paid . F****** thieving Basta*** Oh yah and my ex who hasnt worked more than 3 or 4 months in 8 years is pregnant again with her new boyfriends kid while they live in low income housing collecting any aid she can find oh yeah and driveng around in her 2001 Pontiac Grand AM GT . Nice huh The good news is I hired a lawyer again and even though I had my daughter more than half the time already had to go to court and get a court order so I can claim her on my income taxes (which she has done for the last 8 years and had the balls enough to ask me if I had her for an income tax right off) and set up joint custody etc I stil end up paying for health and dental ins but she is worth it
Sounds like a problem with beaurocrats. i would have thought that you could ask for a hearing a lot earlier, so that you could let hem know that your employer wasn't paying the money and they could stop the requirement.

it also sounds like you need a new job.
Bummer! I'd be driving my car through someone's house (your boss who stole the money)! Not really, just that mad though!
Damn, I can never settle myself in these types of situations. I pay child support also, but have never encountered anything like this. Good luck man and stay on top of it.

Turn on, Tune in and Drop out. Hum, only marry for money, WTF - You want sex and they want sux-cess .
I don't even have enough room here to tell my story...Just know that you aren't alone...the Bast***s have been stealing from me for years...they were even collecting for a child that they knew wasn't mine...go figure that one out...!
Its the F**king you get for the F**king you got! As my lawer once told me. Sorry so graphic!
The best advice I can give you is forget Joint custody! In this scenario your court jester and she's Queen. What you really want is Shared custody! Your King, She's Queen and together you both raise your children. Start fighting for your parental rights today, even knowing it could be years before your awarded this.
Hey one last thing. I've found through the years what works best for me and my ex as follows. You pick two days and she picks two days for example. You get every monday and every Tuesday of everyweek. She gets Wed. and Thursday of everyweek, you both alternate weekends like normal. This gives both of you exactly half or seven days in every fourteen. Just a suggestion................
Brah, I feel your pain dawg. I've been paying CS for 8 years nows and have joint custody of my daughter. I started paying CS when she was about 4 months olds and haven't missed a payment. They garnish my check....the money goes straight to the state, and then to the mother. This is how it's been since the beginning. Well recently, I received a notice stating that they was increasing my CS payments. The funny thing about it is that they started taking more money out of my check before I even got the notice. Come to find out that the reason behind the increase is backpay. Now keep in mind that the money have been automatically coming out of my check, never missing a beat....so how can this be that I owe backpay. I have been trying to contact the CS agency using the number they gave me to call if I have any question, but all I get is a automated recording. I don't mind the increase, but don't blame it on backpay....it shows up on your credit report.

I know I'm rambling on, but just wanted you to know you're not alone in this. A little tip if you're going for joint or shared custody. Get a bond on your ex (let's say about $5,000). Let's say you get some type of custody, it's your turn to get your child, but the ex is acting stupid and won't allow you to get her. At that point she is violating her joint custody court order and would held accountable to pay (the above amount) if you were to report it to the courts. More rambling, I know...just wanted to vent with cha cause I went through hell and back with my baby mamma. But things are cool with us now, finally. If all else fail, hire a hit man.

Man, hearing this stuff sucks. I want kids bad, especially as I am getting older (33 now), but damnm, I worry what would happen to them and me if things did not work out with mom. Scarey stuff... maybe i'll get the snip...
Dang .... I've not encountered this personally, but i think I'ld seek total or shared custody. Its not just the money but i'ld want to be a part of raising my child.

When i got divorced i had to pay $937 a month for the six months we were seperated. Had i had to pay that and child support i probably would have quit my job got a fake id and went back to work under a different SS#

Or went POSTAL, no offense Postal
"Cost of child support, $1050.00 a month."; "Cost of legal fees $5000.00."; "Being with my children extended amount of time. PRICELESS!!!"
Hey one last thing. I've found through the years what works best for me and my ex as follows. You pick two days and she picks two days for example. You get every monday and every Tuesday of everyweek. She gets Wed. and Thursday of everyweek, you both alternate weekends like normal. This gives both of you exactly half or seven days in every fourteen. Just a suggestion................
This works well for my wife & Her Ex.
Now that's just bad Raider......some of these cats might actually want that........if you do don't type it here....ya never know who's watching.
Hey, that hire a hitman thing was a joke. hehehe. But it did cross my mind when things was ruff and it seemed like there was no end.

Just so you know a Hells Angel will do the job if you know someone who knows them well for about 5000.00 Hmmm how would I know that .... My ex and I now have shared custody sorry I left that part out . I do not pay child support anymore I only provide health care cause again the lazy bit## wont work but its all good . I have my beautiful little girl every other week all week I drop her off just before school at her Moms and I pick her up a half an hour after she gets out of school at her moms . I still get the short end of the stick as far as health care travel expenses (ie gas money etc) but I see her whenever I want . We try to work with each other if I have plans she will keep her if she wants to get out or has somewhere to go I will take her . I try to get along the best I can for my daughter . I do have a new job I work for the federal government now on there computers . I only owe about 600 bucks in past child support I bet they keep collecting even after my past due is all paid up and I have to call them to get them to fix it . Maybe I will make the call a month in advance .