i don't know how to do the url thing, so just copy and paste, haha
if that doesn't work just go to www.topekasportbikeriders.com then go to videos and you'll see it there(deerwreck). This has probably already been said but o well


Now that would just rune your day.
The url thing is easy. Just click on the Link icon and paste your url in the address bar click Ok and put something in the other address bar that comes up next. There it is.Deer link
Can you imagine what the poor guy was thinking the second he saw that deer......not even time for a bit of yer life to flash.....
I have to say that is one of my biggest things that makes my you know what pucker when I ride, along with other idiotic drivers!! Wow, Damn lucky!!!!!!!!!!!
Hey Folks, it's this accident that has made me really dislike the Joe Rocket Phoenix gloves and pretty much their line as a whole. The happless bastard laying in the weeds was wearing the JR Phoenix gloves. As you can see in the video he really wasn't going all that fast...when he hit the ground his gloves just came apart. Look at his hands...you can even tell in the still there that his thumb is jacked... Better than nothing? Sure! Better than a real set of High Quality Leather Gloves? Hell NO... If your going to be doing any riding over about 50 MPH Loose the JR Phoenix crap...

Just My .02...
Ouch that really looked like it hurt. I bet he could of used a drink after that
I am wondering if he took the deer home and made steaks
I know I know I know I sound a lil morbid and I'm going to hell
But I like venison...
holy sh*t!!!!!!!

OMG that video made me jump about 10 feet

I'm glad he's ok, that poor deer never saw it coming

Jesus that video gave me alot to think about, ouch