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Did anyone save their original brochure? I drooled over mine for allmost a year before I got the beast. I was just going through some old files and found it.


Warm fuzzy feeling ...



Yep I got mine. But here is how I first got it. I and Sue stoped at the cycle shop just to kill time (so I thought) It was a cold winter day, nothing to do and Sue asked to stop. We went into the shop and as I was looking around Sue walked away. The shop is where I have bought most of my cycles and they had just picked up the Suzuki line of bikes. The deal was so new in fact all they had was a new sign up and only had one or two bikes on the floor. The owner of the shop came walking over to me and handed me two pages. Each page was out of the dealer book with a picture of the 2000 Hayabusa on them one was red the other was blue. He told me Sue was just putting the finish on the order for my new cycle and all I had to do was pick the color!!! Well I picked the fastest color red and silver!!! He gave me the page from the dealer book of the red Busa and told me to keep it that there was only going to be one red Busa coming in to the shop that year and it was now MINE!!! Like I said in the past guys, I'm one hell of a lucky guy. There is nothing like a woman that loves sport bikes!

Got mine also. It stays in my magazine rack. Hey Hawaii, do we win a prize for having it?

I was trying to get high resolution Busa images for my little project, and I called Suzuki. They sent me the 2000, 2001, and 2002 brochures. Actually, they are little booklets covering all Suzuki models for that year.

hehehehe....... (with a side ways look) thinking about it I am worth more dead then alive....... Guess I will start to worry when we see Ninja eater at Americade and Sue gets excited about getting me a turbo!!! Hehehe well I will go with a smile!!!
Hmmmmmmmmm do ya think she could be up to something? She looks innocent enough....

Sure ..... Now she is going to wonder why Im giving strange looks at her at the dinner table... Think I should have her taste my food first?
I never got one eather. I didn't even see the bike in person until I went to buy it. I saw it in Cycle world for the first time in 1999 but wasn't sure about it. The more I looked at it the more I fell in love with it. That is when a guy at work lent my a copy of Mach 2. I watched two or three times that weekend and ordered a copy for myself. I was calling around first thing Monday morning to locate one. Tuesday morning I was on my way to the shop to look at it and left a check in the salesman's hand. That 2000 Blue and Silver Busa was mine and always will be.
i've had mine since 99, and loved the bike ever since, got another with my katana in 2000 and still have that one too.
got the busa last may, and the first thing my mom asked was 'isn't that the bike from the picture on your bedroom door?'. it is, same colors et al.