.ORG Garage.....

I love this new feature we have now(Members Garage)!!! :cheerleader:I have just one suggestion though if I may, is there any way to "UP" the settings on the Picture posting in there(or maybe I'm doing something wrong??)? I really cant put any good Pics in there because it keeps saying I have exceeded the maximum Blah..Blah:banghead: But whats weird is they are the same Pics I can post in the Threads?? My camera/Pics are not professional or anything, so I don't know why it wont let me Post them in the garage. Any help would be GREAT, and thanks again .ORG for the AWESOME new feature, I love this Site! :bowdown::beerchug:


Dis in my way!
Staff member
You may attach 20 image(s)
Maximum file size:
1024 KBytes
Maximum image size:
1024 x 768 Pixels.

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