Only A Hooligan

That must be really loud in person. It is always hard for me to tell through my computer but judging by the raw sound and the dogs reaction it must be quite loud. I know it gets louder as I turn the volume up on my PC. :laugh:

I rode it around like that a couple of times but was pretty obnoxious(not to myself,i liked it:laugh:)so threw the baffle(with a little of the packing removed)back in.

Had a little of the packing removed in this one(dog also puts his 2 cents worth in:laugh:),but hard to get true sound with the GoPro.

Short Meg - YouTube[/url]
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Thanks bro,i pretty much live out here.:laugh:

(tried to insert some quotes in here but didn't show up,so thanks to all of you guys:beerchug:)

...and now it's a damned double(almost)post.:laugh: