one of those not good moments

i made it a habit to look behind me when coming to a complete stop so i can keep an eye on the cars behind me. I leave the bike in gear until the car coming up behind me completely stops and the car behind that also stops. Last thing i want is for someone to come in too hot an me be in neutral.
Damn lucky for both those riders on that deal. Way back when my mom was young she dated this dude that had a harley. It was like 2 a.m. and they were stopped at a red light when a dui in a pickup rearended them. Moms got launched by the sissy bar through the intersection and her boyfriend had both his legs nearly taken off on the spot by the footpegs. They were amputated later at the hospital.
Another driver not concentrating at the wheel and almost ended the life of an innocent rider ..... really needs a big wake up call .....:poke:


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Nasty crash... That happened here in Chattanooga.

What are they shouting in the end of the video? I can't understand it :S
Allow me to translate the Southern language for you... :laugh:

She said, "This is a funeral procession!" "God forbid!"


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Luckily it has only happened once, but there was a little truck on the highway coming in to hot. I wonder if there is going to be enough room for me when he stopped. I move to the center space as a precaution. I am glad I did the guys bumper ended up 2 feet from the car I was just sitting behind.

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