One look and they go **** what have I done....


Decided last night to go for a ride after supper, pull the 2012 out of the garage warm her up and away we go, driving down a main ave and I see in my mirror a headlight weaving around other vehicles like the bike wants to catch up to me, I stop at a red light and what pulls up about half a bike length ahead of me but a guy on a Harley all piped up loud like the guy's sitting on a busa killing machine, I look over and he's got some kind of patch on the back of his leather jacket. I'm thinking ok whatever , he's reving his bike like he wants to go, ok game on buddy light turns green and I launch the beast ,he goes but to no avail, the little race he thought he could win was over before it even started, I'm going **** I'm not even in 3rd yet, needless to say he stayed way back I was waiting for him to catch up but if I was going any slower I would of fallen over...I think I hurt his ego....Moral of the story don't mess with the Hayabusa......
i love that happen 2 me as well this guy pull bext to me with a girl on the back and ask DO it RUN . i look at him with a smile as he rev his motor i told him move a lil bt and he reply wit i will run Hooters the light turns green and im gone poor sap never had a chance
Never had another bike want to run me on the Busa like that from a light. My buddy wants to give it a go on his R1. He wants to do a rolling start from like 60 up.
I've done that to more than one Hardley during the same exact scenario.....except on both occasions i was driving a CAR.

They are sad, sad machines.
I had a kid this summer roll by me on his CBR 600...he pulled in the clutch and revved it up a few was cute. If I didn't have my 10 year old on the back I would have turned around and shown him what was up.