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Well... I got tired of waiting for the schedule to slow I took it upon myself to arrange a little time off from work..... I really haven't had anything more than every other weekend (mostly) off since the Spring bash in April.

So I am heading to where I have some property in in up with some friends and then ride the Blue Ridge Parkway from one end to the other...starting down in Cherokee andfininshing...somewhere in Va. where it ends.... in Swannanoa, Va. providing....and you find yourself up there riding.
Feel free to flag us down or joing up. I will be traveling with an 05 FJR13 and an 05 K1200RT....we are all silver and or blue.
Probably going to do some camping along the way, permitting.

Just waiting to see what the boss man has to say on my vacation request.

So far the travel dates are from the 22nd to the 27th.

Tips on places to stop and things to see are always welcome.

Jet Li

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That sounds like a blast!

If you get a chance to continue on up through Skyline in Virginia, when you get to Front Royal, there are some really cool (literally
) caverns called Skyline Caverns.

Other than that, there are gonna be lots of photo ops along the way. Leave should be turning by then too.

Have fun and be safe, and don't forget the camera so we can see too!

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