On to Reduc on 9/27


(...ReDuc as in http://www.reduc.com -- a track day association. The 27th is their intro day at Pocono East...)

It's, like, an eight hour ride from here and the roads look boring, so I think I'm going to trailer it. Plus, it'll give my father and I some time to chat and relax, I'll be able to carry some tools, and if something goes amis on the track we can still get back home in short order.

Anyway, I think we'd like to take both the 'Busa and his VTR, so we need a trailer that'll handle two bikes. Has anyone rented those U-Haul jobbies? Do they work ok?

Thanks...any input at this point would be appreciated. I have read over their manual and I think the bike will be ready.
Ok, time for plan B. I can't find any rentable trailers in the area. Does anyone here have/know of a good, light, and relatively inexpensive trailer that can carry two good-sized sportbikes?

mc, know any landscapers ? i use one to trailer dirtbikes all the time sometimes for 3 hs a trip no probs so far. i have the wheel chocks and eyelets for tyedowns in the floor, work great. if you dont have any wheel chocks you could screw 4x4 blocks into the floor.


btw get dad to take pics of you rippin up the track and post em